Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

I am finally back to blogging! For the past few months, all we have been doing is working, working, working. But, now that the holidays are here, we are doing a lot of fun family outings and I'm excited to share!! Claire is now 17 months old, walking, talking, and laughing up a storm! She is just so cute and fun to be with. She makes us laugh every day with something new that she does and I can't get enough of her. This Halloween she was so lucky to have two costumes!!! She was a Cat and Tinkerbell! She wore her Cat costume (thank you so much to our adorable friend, Preslee) to a costume party (pics to come soon) and her Tinkerbell costume out trick 0r treating. Here are some pics of the fun weekend!

Claire was being such a diva---she didn't want to look at the camera at all

Please stop taking pictures of me, Mom!!! :)

She finally looked at the camera!

Halloween Night!

Will these two ever look at the camera? EVER???!!!

Claire loved running away from us that night!

Out with my family: Rich, Brooke, Audrey, and my parents

Trick or Treat!!!

It was so cute seeing her go up to her first door for trick or treat!!


mom said...


All of the photos were so very cute! I didn't get to she Claire in the black cat costume, how lucky to be a cat and Tinkerbell too. We cartainly had a lot of fun watching both girls walking and running all over the place Halloween week-end!!