Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth!!!!! Our first Fourth of July holiday with Claire was wonderful and am so excited to celebrate more holidays with her! Jeff, Claire, my mom, and I went to Munds Park (by Flagstaff) for the weekend. We stayed in a cute cabin owned by one of Jeff's good friends (thank you so much Coach Scott!).

Jeff and I went quading while my mom stayed with Claire (thank you so much Mom! You were the best help and I could definitely relax knowing you were with Claire. I love you!) I was so excited to finally go quading! It was so much fun, even when we got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. But, Jeff fixed it and we were able to get back to the cabin without having to walk in the dark. We also watched fireworks at Mormon Lake.

This weekend was wonderful and I wish we didn't have to go home to the "real world". But, we have to, so now we can just look forward to the next adventure!!!

In her cute Fourth of July dress!

She didn't like the sun being in her eyes!
Waiting for the fireworks to start with Dad and Grandma!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

5 1/2 weeks old already!!

Wow!! I can't believe Claire is 5 weeks old! Actually, on Sunday she will be 6 weeks!! The time has gone by so fast and we just love her so much! Everyday with her is just wonderful. She is such a little sweetie. Claire got to meet her Grandma and Grandpa Flack (who flew in from Iowa) last week and experienced her first road trip through Young. It was fun but she was exhausted at the end of the day. Here is an update in pictures of our sweet little Claire!!

3 days old

1 week old

2 weeks ( I love this dress!!!)

Daddy's girl!!

Grandpa Flack

Grandma Flack