Friday, January 22, 2010


I know this is almost a month late but...better late than never! ha!!! Jeff and I had such a great Christmas, with Claire and our families. We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and my brother's family, then we had our own family Christmas on Christmas Day. It was sooo cute seeing Claire try to open her presents! She didn't really care about the actual was the tissue paper and that crinkling noise it made! She loved that sound! The next day we left for Illinois to see Jeff's family. It was great! We had a White Christmas!!!! It was actually snowing when we got off the plane, I just loved it. We had a lot of fun just spending time with all of our cousins, nieces, and nephews. Claire also got to play in the snow, which she liked doing. She was so cute to watch. Too bad that our fun two weeks off had to end and we had to go back to work, but here are some pics from our break...

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

So tired from opening presents!

In Illinois with our cousins

More presents...

I loved dressing her up in fun warm clothes

In the snow!!!