Saturday, March 21, 2009

29 1/2 weeks!!

Here I am at 29 1/2 weeks and I already look like a whale...I love it but I don't; does that make sense? My doctor (and a lot of other people) say that the baby has no where to go but out!!! I love knowing that our daughter is measuring normally and that I'm actually HAVING a baby, but I have never been this big in my life! It's weird, but awesome at the same time...It also helps when my wonderful husband says that I'm not big at all!!

Jeff and I went out to dinner with our friends, Dana and Kalen, the other night. It was so much fun. Dana is 3 weeks ahead of me with little Brooklyn!!!! Dana looks great!
Claire and Brooklyn will be best friends!!
So cute!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Claire's room

We are finally getting ready for Claire to come and Jeff has painted her room this past week!! He did such a great job! I love the stripes!!

(this picture came out darker than I thought)
We ordered the funiture for her room so it should be here in a couple of weeks...I'm so excited!!