Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

I am finally back to blogging! For the past few months, all we have been doing is working, working, working. But, now that the holidays are here, we are doing a lot of fun family outings and I'm excited to share!! Claire is now 17 months old, walking, talking, and laughing up a storm! She is just so cute and fun to be with. She makes us laugh every day with something new that she does and I can't get enough of her. This Halloween she was so lucky to have two costumes!!! She was a Cat and Tinkerbell! She wore her Cat costume (thank you so much to our adorable friend, Preslee) to a costume party (pics to come soon) and her Tinkerbell costume out trick 0r treating. Here are some pics of the fun weekend!

Claire was being such a diva---she didn't want to look at the camera at all

Please stop taking pictures of me, Mom!!! :)

She finally looked at the camera!

Halloween Night!

Will these two ever look at the camera? EVER???!!!

Claire loved running away from us that night!

Out with my family: Rich, Brooke, Audrey, and my parents

Trick or Treat!!!

It was so cute seeing her go up to her first door for trick or treat!!