Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Remodeling Time!

Jeff always has some projects that he is working on but summer is the time for BIG projects. Last year we painted the inside of our house and he added stone to the living room and master bathroom, and this year he is redoing our guest bathroom! I'm so excited because he is going to tile the walls, add a shelf that is cut into the wall, put in a new bathtub, and paint! Jeff loves working on the house and he's so good at it. Here are some pictures of the bathroom and of other work he's done on the house. (I love how handy he is!!!)

Here's a few pictures of our living room...he added stone inside of the entertainment center.
(the stone was provided by our friend Troy, thanks so much!!!!)

He added stone in our bathroom above the mirror
Guest bathroom---before
Here Jeff is going to start taking out the ugly (plastic??) walls that connect to the bathtub!!! YEA!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moving On

As we all know, disappointments, hardships, and tragedies can happen at any time. However, when it happens to you, you may think "oh my gosh, how can I go on?" While these trials and tribulations test us; hopefully, we can come out stronger and better people. I've learned over the past month that life still goes on (even though I may not want it to yet) and while not forgetting, but moving on.

Several months ago, Jeff and I planned a road trip to visit his family and celebrate our 2 year anniversary in Illinois and Iowa in June. It was hard but I'm so glad we went. His great grandma turned 100 years old!! That's so cool! I love visiting his family and getting out of Arizona. The drive was long, around 30 hours, but we stopped a lot! While driving there, we got lucky because we were about 2 hours ahead of a tornado. THANK GOODNESS!!! Also, during the trip we just had rain with tornado watches. I was totally scared about those but Jeff said when it turns to a "warning" then we can get worried. Whatever!!! I was still really scared!! Then, on the way home, we completely got hit with hard rain through Missouri and Oklahoma. We even saw a power outage on the freeway in Oklahoma City! I have to admit, that was pretty cool to see. Finally, we drove through New Mexico where the weather was hot, the gas was high, and the land was brown. ugh.
For our anniversary, Jeff and I went to Chicago. We went to the Shedd Aquarium (we love ocean life!), walked around Navy Pier, and then went to a Cubs game. It was a great day! Chicago is so pretty and we were there on a nice sunny day too, so that made it even better. One last sightseeing stop we had was the Arch in St. Louis. I have never seen it and it is beautiful. We didn't go up in it though because it was raining and that kind-of freaked me out! Jeff will be nice and tell you we decided not to go up because of the weather, but it really was me! Here are some pictures of our trip!
The beautiful Chicago Skyline

At Shedd Aquarium


I wouldn't want to run into him!

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

At the Cubs game!

My hair is a mess! It was
sooo windy!!!!

The Arch in St. Louis