Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Update

Well, we've had a great summer and now Jeff and I are both back at work. I'm so glad that we had a couple of months with Claire before we had to go back though. Jeff's mom, Colin, and niece Montana came to stay with us for a week, which was so much fun. They got to meet Claire and went to Payson and San Diego. We have also been hanging out with our friends Dana and Brooklyn and cousin Audrey and sister-in-law Brooke!! Sweet little Audrey turned one!!! (Her birthday pics are coming soon---SO CUTE!!)
I would also like to mention that I am quite jealous of all the stay-at-home mom's out there! I so wish I could do that but our wonderful student loans won't allow us to! ha!! At least I have my mom babysitting Claire so I do feel better about that, but I still wish I could be with her during the day. Thank you mom, I appreciate and love you so much for helping us with Claire!!!

In San Diego putting her feet in the ocean for the 1st time!

Claire with Jeff's mom, Vicky

Claire and Brooklyn playing!!