Sunday, December 19, 2010


November was such a fun month!!! Not only did we celebrate Thanksgiving, but we were able to celebrate Jeff getting accepted into Physician's Assistant School at A.T. Still here in Arizona!!!! Wooohoo!!! We are so proud of him!! The next few years are going to be hard but worth it as he is working hard in school; therefore knowing that we will not be able to take fun trips for awhile...SOOOO, when the opportunity came up for me chaperoning our Student Council trip to Disneyland, we couldn't pass it up!!! I LOVE Disneyland so much, I used to go every year with dance and now I got the ultimate dream...going to Disneyland with my family!!!
This trip was great! I just loved seeing Claire have fun with the characters and the rides, I will never forget it. First, we started out with breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. She knows all of the characters because we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but she was still a little shy at first. Then, she warmed up and started running over to them! It was so cute! Next, we headed over to the park! It was raining, which was terrible, but it actually ended up being a good thing because the park was practically empty! We got to take pictures with every character we saw and got onto every ride we wanted without a line. That was GREAT!! Finally, we watched the parade. As we were leaving though, Claire knew it and started crying. She didn't want to leave! I didn't blame her but it was late.
I am so, so, so glad we were able to have this trip. These memories will last a lifetime. I can't wait to go back in 5 years!! ha!!!

At Goofy's Kitchen

Getting ready for a day in the rain!

Driving Mickey's car

Agh! We're in jail!!

Watching the parade

Claire loved the Mickey statue


mom said...

All of the pictures are so cute! What an exciting trip the three of you experienced! Thanks to pictures we can have many memories for a life time. I'm sure your family will be back there before 5 years are up!